Simply easy to start a ride with us

The Fast Travel ecosystem is built with simple, easy-to-understand core mechanics. This means less training, less confusion and less complaints.

Simply easy.

Get access to the system as…

an airport manager
a permit owner
a taxi driver

Are you considering flytaxien as a provider for your airports, or other high-traffic areas? We would love to start up the process with a chat.

Let’s get together to find the requirements and needs for your areas. We can provide you with a full demo of the system, either digitally or physically at Oslo Airport. You will quickly be able to understand exactly how it all works, and of course test it out for yourself!

Send us a message at

Do you own a permit and would like it to work at the airport?

With Flytaxien you will get access to your own permit owner page to handle everything you need.

You can register quickly by clicking the button and filling in the form:

Talk to us at if you need help to get started

Want to drive a taxi at the airport, but don’t own a permit?

In order to register at the airport, you will need a legal permit to establish a contractual relationship with flytaxien.

Contact a permit owner, maybe they already got an agreement with us? We wish to see you here soon!